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How to use this Site

These essays are meant to be read over and over. They are meant to be thought about and reflected on. That’s about it. There’s no great secret about how to use this site. Read and think.

If you are looking for a specific topic, however, you can use the search function at the top and bottom of the page. The search function will help you find topics that you might be wondering about and point you in the direction of essays that talk about what you want to know. Put in a key word you are thinking of and see what comes up.
The essays are also meant to be shared. Why else put anything up on the internet after all, unless you want to share it? Send them on to friends or colleagues, too. Argue about them. Disagree with them. Think for yourself, and think with others.

Also, I have rewritten most of the essays from the originals translated to Japanese for the book, so if you compare the book essays and the English versions here side by side, you will often find they are very different. I keep fiddling with them.

If you want to read the Japanese version, click through to the bookstore and search for: 僕は、ニッポンの味方です! An Anti-Grammar Manifesto—The Other Side of English, by Michael Pronko, released by Media Factory Publishers in March 2009.






このサイトのエッセーを読んで日本語版を読みたくなったら、オンライン書店のアイコンをクリックして『僕、ニッポンの味方です アメリカ人大学教授が見た「日本人の英語」』をどうぞ。メディアファクトリーから2008年3月に刊行されました。


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Michael is currently teaching at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo, Japan, in the American Literature section of the English Department. More information in the About Me page.